Add a touch of class with Decorative Stamped Concrete

decorative concrete on patio

What is Stamped Concrete?

The universe cannot resist authenticity. Even in our home, we can see and appreciate the beauty of things-like-expensive materials and designs, but anyone can acquire these luxurious features, or close to it. In the concrete industry, that is one of the primary roles of stamped concrete, to make your house stunningly fabulous without you spending a fortune on exotic materials. Who wouldn’t like to save money while still achieving the beauty of your dream patio, pool deck or walkway? Mimicking the natural beauty of marble, stone, lumber and the like is the name of stamped concrete.

Aside from its affordable price, here is the other gift of a stamped concrete:

        A variety of options

  • if you are choosing this kind of concrete for your surface, it is very convenient that it comes in various patterns, colors, and textures. The designs are pleasing to the eye that adds value and emotion to your home or property.

decorative concrete on patio stamped concrete driveway in Ft lauderdaleacid stain concrete in ft lauderdale home

        Easy to install

  • installing this kind of concrete just requires less effort and easy steps. It is a matter of mixing, pouring and stamping. Even though, a contractor must know how to install the concrete very well to avoid errors like cracking and bulging.

    Less maintenance

  • such concrete is simple and easy to clean. In maintaining its appearance and pattern in good shape, just a trouble-free cleaning will do. But, first of all, be mindful where to place your concrete to avoid any unwanted cracks. But, you don’t have to worry so much about cracks; because even the temperature is harsh this concrete can stand on severe weather and pressure.


  • if you want a comfortable surface to last a lifetime, this type of concrete will serve you for sure for many years. It can withstand heavy traffic and will not sink haphazardly. It has an excellent performance and has no hassle.


  • nothing beats this kind of concrete for its affordability. It is, of course, less expensive unlike to other surface options. Aside from that, it doesn’t cost much when installing; the overall cost is less than compared to others.

With all the advantages of this textured concrete, it comes with a disadvantage in durability. The cracklings mentioned in some list is an example. Another disadvantage is the scratches that can be seen on the concrete if not properly cared and maintained. In case that you want to make some changes in your landscape, it would not be an easy task for you. You would to remove or overlay the whole portion if you want to execute changes. Such concrete has the little adaptability to development and modification.

stamped concrete driveway

Even though, we cannot change the trend now that these concretes have gained a reputation over time and become the most picked choice for numerous homeowners for their patios, concrete driveway and pool decks. There are innovations and new materials that contributed to easier application and longevity of this product. ESS Affiliated LLC with their 20+ years experience have develop a system that overlay or create stain and mildew resistance designs that are comfortable to walk on. Moreover, with its  high compressed strength and fast setting characteristics make it the perfect application for South Florida market.

Therefore,  overlaying stamped concrete  is not a bad idea at all. It can add class, emotion and new flavor to your space making it unique and fabulous. Enjoy the benefits it can give you at the same time accepting the consequences it may give you afterward.